Bas van Delft

Joined: August 2015
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Since 1984, I have been working as a soil scientist on the natural potential and bottlenecks of forests and nature reserves. Together with colleagues, I have published dozens of reports and articles on soil research and ecohydrological research concerning nature. We have also established an ecological soil typology, and issued a field guide for humus formation classification (also for Europe) and the Landscape Key. In addition, I have provided advice on design and management in respect of dozens of nature (development) reserves in the Netherlands and Flanders.

Your personal motive

What I like about my work is the combination of fieldwork, scientific research and the translation thereof into practical questions, and transferring this knowledge in an easy-to-understand manner. My driving force is that I am keen to contribute to making the world a little bit more beautiful and healthy, in particular in areas where nature is under pressure. And of course it is wonderful to be able to work outside in natural surroundings! In my spare time I relax by playing bass in two bands, and also by practising photography and brewing beer.