Martin Dijst

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Originally I am an urban geographer. I wrote my dissertation at the TU-Delft on the subject of mobility. Over time, my perception of mobility has changed. It is not just a way of traveling from A to B, but an interaction with the environment. Urban geography and mobility research are often focused on the neighbourhoods where people live. But they spend relatively little time here. That is why I started to look at the several environments people move in. As a geographer, I ask the question what can be changed in an environment to promote healthy living.

Your personal motive

Recently I got a visitor at my door with a cart filled with fruit. It reminded me of the Amsterdam of my childhood, where the milkman made a round past all the houses with his wares. It works! I bought ten euros worth of fruit and vegetables that I otherwise would not have bought. I was tempted by a healthy choice. Bringing the healthy options literally to someone’s doorstep can lead to changes in lifestyle.