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'Understanding society'

Quality, innovation, making connections, internationalization, and effectiveness drive our research and teaching. The basis is a high-quality research in the fields of economics, law, catholic theology, social and behavioral sciences, and the humanities. This research meets international quality standards.

Quality comes first. In all our choices, quality comes before quantity. Whether it is research, education, or valorization, it is our ambition to meet the highest international standards in everything.

Educational profile

Our teaching is research-based and research-driven. This means that teachers incorporate the latest scientific insights in their teaching and involve students in setting up and conducting research. Thus, students learn to work independently and develop analytical and critical thinking skills.

Qualitatively solid education for all students is the point of departure. In 2013, we were awarded the Education Quality Assurance Label, which means that our quality assurance system is in order. At the same time, we recognize that students differ as to level, interests, style of learning, and personal ambition. We address this by challenging students within the regular curriculum. To students who want to and can do more, we offer additional School-specific or institution-wide excellence programs, such as the Outreaching Honors Program.

Our students are taught persuasion, presentation, and networking skills. We offer opportunities for an international experience, invite guest lecturers from government and the business community, and stimulate research projects and internships at organizations both at home and abroad. In this way, we prepare all our students for responsible positions in society. Understanding Society.

Research profile

We focus on social issues from various disciplines: the complexity of subjects like pensions and the aging population, security, sustainability, the labor market, and care requires an integral approach, with Social Innovation as the central theme. This means that we invite other knowledge institutions, authorities, citizens, and the business community to work together with us on new insights and valuable solutions for society.

Tilburg University’s goal is to actively contribute to society. We want to serve society and make it a better place for all citizens. Our university has always actively promoted ways to firmly embed our education and research in society.

Understanding society

Our mission of Understanding Society is based on the Christian and humanist traditions in which we have our roots. Important basic principles are sustainability and diversity in the context of corporate social responsibility. We are committed to a society based on these values to which we give shape jointly with citizens and social organizations, government and business.


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Alette Smeulers

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Liselore Verschuren

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