Matthias Schmid

Joined: August 2015
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I’ve always been interested in living abroad and exploring new horizons. After a study abroad and experience in Sweden, I finished my two degrees in International Economics and Geography. Thinking it would be time for a break, I worked in Tokyo, learned Japanese and met lots of interesting people from all over the globe. After being accepted for a masters at UCL in London, I moved back to Europe, and am now finishing my PhD at Imperial College.

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I’ve always been fascinated by natural hazards. Even as a kid I was crazy about earthquakes. In Austria, where I come from, we had a few of them when I grew up. Of course everybody was scared, but to be honest, I was actually more excited than scared. I wondered: why does this happen? My research allows me to dive deeper into this question. In the future I want to work for a reinsurance company, in their catastrophe modelling team.