Davide Benedetti

Joined: August 2015
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My research focuses on insurance and risk management. For my PhD, I have been working on a theory for insurance contract design under (sub)optimal policyholder behaviour. I am also investigating the determinants of hedging demand in the insurance sector, more precisely reinsurance demand, and whether risk transfer may give rise to systemic risk. Finally, I am studying the properties of the loss distribution of large commercial risks worldwide, for different types of property and risk, and how solvency capital requirements should be set.

Your personal motive

I’ve always liked maths. It’s often seen as abstract, but it’s very applicable in daily life. I like to explain to people how it works and how it can help you make better decisions. With Oasis, we help people to make their decisions around catastrophes. I’m Italian and, for example, in Italy we have many earthquakes. A few years ago, we even had a small tornado. It destroyed everything in its path and farmers suffered a lot. Oasis can help countries to adapt to these phenomena and the results of climate change. It would be great if Italy would also become an Oasis user.