Herman Russchenberg

Joined: August 2015
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My name is Herman Russchenberg. I am head of the TU Delft Climate Institute, which brings together TU Delft researchers working on all aspects of climate and climate change. My own research involves investigating the role of clouds and dust particles in the atmosphere. Climate change is one of the greatest challenges facing humanity. We need to have a good understanding of what we can expect in the future. For example, cities need to take the right measures to absorb storm water. And the energy industry needs reliable models to make solar panels and wind turbines more efficiently. The TU Delft Climate Institute conducts effective empirical research to develop reliable models.

Your personal motive

All my research made me even more aware about the impact of my behaviour on climate change. I hardly use a car. Why would you? You hardly need it in the Netherlands. I also turn out the light as much as possible. This simple measure saves a lot of energy. I think everyone has a moral obligation to be careful and not unnecessarily use much energy. And remember: every little bit helps.