Safety and security in public areas: Which elements of daylight and lighting influence safety and security.

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In the development of public spaces social security is an important issue. The presence of daylight and lighting is essential for feeling safe and secure in these public spaces. Deerns is getting more and more involved in urban development projects. Therefore Deerns is looking for a research on what makes a lighting design (including daylight) sufficient for giving a public area the feelin of safety and security. 

Challenge Overview

We are looking for answers to the following questions: Which parameters of daylight and lighting are influencing the safety and security of a public space? Which (technical) innovative solutions are in development at the moment in this area?Which parameters determines the feasibility of a lighting design in terms of:

  1. Technology
  2. Finance
  3. Organization
  4. Legislation and regulation

About the challenger

Deerns is an international engineering firm specialised in installation technology, energy and building physics with 600 staff members around the globe. Deerns provides a broad range of high-quality services to its international clients including consulting and system design, building physics, sustainable energy supply of airports, cleanrooms, laboratories, data centres, hospitals, offices, hotels and museums.

Required content of your proposal

We are looking for researchers in the field of safety and security of public spaces experienced in the lighting aspect. Please send us a mail in which you explain your experience in this field.

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Deerns Nederland B.V.
Deerns Nederland B.V.

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Gilbert de Nijs
Gilbert de Nijs

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