June 22, 2015

Climate Innovation Event: Green, Growth and Matchmaking

A great opportunity for businesses, entrepreneurs, scientists, start-ups and policy makers to push our community forward and to realise real climate impact. Approximately 125 people attended this event and were inspired by well-known keynote speaker Thomas Rau, Boaz Leupe of Nerdalize, Chris Mooiweer, director of Climate-KIC the Netherlands and Martine van Veelen, Education Lead.

Chris Mooiweer presented facts and figures on Climate-KIC from 2010 until now. In his energetic speech, he showed how committed he is to realize climate impact and economic growth, “I believe that via our European approach we can tackle climate change and realize business opportunities by stimulating innovation and entrepreneurship. At the same time, we can keep our prosperity and stimulate employment. The Global Calculator shows that it is possible to prevent dangerous climate change and ensure that living standards continue to improve if we act now. ‘Green’ and ‘Growth’ go hand in hand.”

Thomas Rau is an entrepreneur, architect, innovator and visionary. His motto is ‘guided by the future’, his decisions and actions are not determined by what is deemed possible or culturally acceptable now, but by what is necessary for the future. His provocative message makes you think deeper than you are used to. “Everybody has to change, whether it is about finance, the way we think about production of goods or how we build houses and offices. Changing is unpleasant and it is only possible if we really want to. And we have to, because the planet is not waiting until the next elections.”

Lively discussions and matchmaking

During the Break out Sessions, attendees dived into one the following topics: Climate Smart Land Use, Climate Smart Cities and Climate Smart Value Chain. During those sessions, the speakers showcased their Climate-KIC innovation project: CSA Booster, Smart Sustainable Districts and RenJet. There were lively discussions, the attendees shared their thoughts and got new ideas how to cope with their challenges. They already started with matchmaking.

To realize matchmaking online, Martine van Veelen and Alwin Veldboom, presented the tool Valoriz; a solution to connect science and society to create climate impact. According to Martine van Veelen this platform is different than other platforms: “Valoriz makes it possible unlock scientific research in an easily accessible way and to match this with the needs of businesses and governments.”

The last item of this event was live pitching and matchmaking during a walking dinner. Eight start-ups and innovation projects pitched their ideas and projects. Great to see how engaged everybody was and a lot of new contacts were made.