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Question 1 - What is Valoriz?

Answer - Valoriz opens paths to innovation by jump-starting science-business collaborations. Valoriz facilitates knowledge valorisation by bridgeing the gap between knowledge insitutions on the one hand and society (businesses, governments, NGO's etc...) on the other. We do this by collecting and then connecting research projects and research challenges from all over Europe at one place. 

Queston 2 - What does valorisation mean? 

Answer - Valorisation comes from the Latin word "valor", which means worth or value. Valorisation therefore means to give value to something. The term can be used in many different contexts, but it is increasing in popularity in combination with the word knowledge. Knowledge valorisation opposes the Ivory Tower concept, where Universities do research regardless of possible social purpose that knowledge may serve. Knowledge valorisation therefore means to use scientific knowledge and expertise to create value for society. 

Queston 3 - Why valorise knowledge?

Answer - To solve society's great challenges like addressing the challenge of global climate change, improving the sustainability of the European healthcare system and decreasing the dependence on raw materials, we need radical innovations. 

Unfortunately, very few of the innovative ideas developed at research institutions are  taken any further than the research stage. The general scientist is by no means a commercial entrepreneur, which is a bottleneck to bringing scientific breakthroughs to the market. At the same time, research institutions and researchers are facing a decline in government funding all over Europe. In order to retain current research volumes and quality, they are required to find new ways of valorising their knowledge. Substantial efforts are required to facilitate and diversify access to finance, strengthen the innovation capacity of the public sector, create resilient jobs in knowledge-intensive activities, develop a human  resource base equipped with innovation skills, foster frontier research and embed science and innovation more strongly in society. 

Question 4 - Do I have to work in research to be able to join Valoriz?

Answer - No, Valoriz is for everyone who is interested in research. So it doesn’t matter whether you are a journalist, hobbyist, student, in primary school or highschool, a small, medium or big company or an entrepreneur looking for opportunities: science produces value for everyone. In turn, we do the best we can to make sure everyone can see this value. 

Question 5 - Why focus on Europe?

Answer - Europe is ahead in key science and technology fields such as health, food, renewable energies and environmental technologies, and over recent years, Europe’s ecosystem for innovation has improved markedly. However, the economic impact of R&I investments and reforms ultimately depends on the capacity of European economies to become even more knowledge-oriented and innovation-driven. In Europe, compared to other continents like the US and Asia, there is a strong mismatch between scientific and technological specialisations. 

Question 6 - Valoriz is a European platform. Can I join if I'm not from Europe?

Answer - Yes, please! We are convinced that discruptive innovation most likely happens when cross-sector, cross-industry, cross-country, cross-continent and cross-culture knowledge exchange happens. 

Question 7 - My organisation is not on Valoriz yet. How can I make a profile for my organisation? 

Answer - Valoriz is both for individuals and for any kind of organisation. We encourage you to invite your collegeas and organisation to join Valoriz. To do this, first make a personal profile. Then you will immediately be able to create a profile for your organisation. You will automatically become administrator of the organisation page, but you can transfer that role to somebody else from your organisation if you want to later on. Need help? Let us know and we will assist you in creating an organisation page.

Question 8 - Can I link multiple researchers to one project? 

Answer - Yes, you can. On your project page you can select fellow researchers from the same organization. Fellow researchers will only be displayed on the project page. One person will be highlighted as contact person and shown on the main page.

Question 9 - What separates Valoriz from other match-making platforms?

Answer - Other platforms either target only scientists or only business, are national, are not accessable for everyone, do not have an intuitive design, or target only for big companies that can afford intensive match-making services. At Valoriz, we believe that to connect the dots, you first need to collect them. Finding and collaborating with the right partner is complex. Especially in science, where research is often very specific and there’s loads! We collect as many dots as possible from all over Europe, so the chance that you can connect to the that specific dot you need, becomes a lot bigger.  

Question 10 - I forgot my password, now what?

Answer - That’s OK,  that happens to everybody once in a while. Resetting your password is easy. Just go to the Login page and press the “Forgot password” button. You will receive an e-mail with instructions to reset your password. 

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