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Connecting the dots between Science and Society to jump-start innovative collaborations.

Finding the right partner to collaborate with on your research project can be very time-consuming and unrewarding. That’s a shame, because there is a lot of innovation potential in science that will never find its way to society because of this. Valoriz is the first European online platform that enables science and society to connect, collaborate and innovate together. We believe that you first have to collect the dots, in order to connect them. Thats why Valoriz collects research projects from all over Europe and research challenges facing society to jump-start science-business collaborations. 


Valoriz enables you to easily connect with fellow scientists, organisations and  other stakeholders from all over Europe. No matter what topic you are researching as a scientist: Valoriz is the place for you to show society what it is you are working on, why it is so important to you and how it impacts the world. 

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Scroll through research projects from all over Europe. Because you are looking for that scientist with cutting-edge knowledge to support your R&D project, because you want to see what other scientists work on or just because you want to stay up-to-date on a topic you like. 

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Facing a complex problem in your organisation that could use some scientific input? We help you formulate your question and find scientists that will provide you with fresh ideas or have what it takes to solve your challenge. 

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Increase the reach of your knowledge by sharing your work with society. At Valoriz, science and business boost each other by connecting knowledge and skills. This will ultimately lead to innovations that positively impact society as a whole. 

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